Living Image Arts, Inc. is a New York-based, not-for-profit 501(c)3 theater arts organization. Living Image Arts provides a vital opportunity for New York's most talented artists to develop new work, cultivate relationships with other remarkable theater professionals and to realize their artistic vision in production. We are founded on the belief that to develop the craft and skills necessary to work as an artist requires a supportive environment; a community of peers who learn, grow and work together.


- create compelling, innovative new work
- foster the development of diverse and distinctive voices
- provide a supportive and sustainable artistic home for professional artists
- strengthen & expand the collaboration between artists & the public we serve
- contribute to the growth of theater as a living and relevant art form

We seek to bring only the best (and most unique) theater to the City of New York.  We are proud of our growing tradition of artistic excellence and high production value, and our continuing commitment to providing affordable, accessible theater.

"LIA is devoted to mentoring projects from beginning to completion and is the only organization I know that can offer a NEW playwright readings, discussions and (eventually) a full production (if the play warrants it), a chance to actually introduce a play to an audience without apologies and shortcuts. They are a welcome and much needed alternative to the endless circles of readings and bare-stage/on-script workshops that usually comprise the opportunities for new playwrights. LIA knows that only in production is a new play fully formed and able to reach its potential. They are True of contemporary drama." - Maria Gabriele, Playwright/Actor